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Trees are an essential element of our landscape, but sometimes they can become overgrown, causing issues such as blocking precious daylight and posing a potential risk to your home and property. At our tree service company, we offer a range of solutions to address these concerns. Our expert arborists can assess your trees and determine if View Enhancement through pruning and overgrowth removal is sufficient, or if Technical Tree Removal is necessary to ensure the safety of your property. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our tree care services.

Commercial & Residential Tree Services

We offer the following services to Ketchikan, Prince of Wales Island, and Metlakata.

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Thinning and Pruning

Arborists at Southeast Alaska Wood Salvage can inspect your native, fruit, or ornamental trees and work with you to design a custom trimming plan to maximize the health and aesthetic of your landscape.

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View Enhancement

Each property is unique. By using proper pruning techniques, from the ground or aloft, our professionals can enhance mountain and ocean views without compromising the health of your trees.

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Technical Tree Removal

We take pride in keeping up to date with industry safety and training standards so our experts can carefully identify and execute the safest approach for removing difficult trees without damage to the surrounding property. 

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Limb & Brush Chipping

Our team processes brush and tree debris through our powerful Vermeer chipper, turning it into a quality product that can be used in landscaping and gardening. Contact us to inquire about a load of wood chips for your next project!

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Hazard Tree Assesments

By performing a tree health and failure risk assessment, Southeast Alaska Wood Salvage can help you identify potential tree hazards and work with you to develop a management plan to mitigate them before property damage occurs.

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Log Salvage & Milling

Not only does our team at Southeast Alaska Wood Salvage remove trees, but we can also salvage many of the logs from those trees for milling into lumber or custom slabs.

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Off-Island & Remote Cabins

With access provided by our own boat or friends at the local air taxi services, we are able to perform tree care services at your remote cabin or off-island location throughout southeast Alaska.

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If you’re looking for reliable and professional tree services in Southeast Alaska, look no further than Southeast Alaska Wood Salvage.

We are a full-range tree service company that is committed to ensuring job safety and customer satisfaction on every project.

We’re based in Ketchikan, but are equipped to provide prompt and efficient service to clients throughout the region. Our local arborists are highly-qualified and have a deep understanding of the industry. They bring advanced skills and knowledge to every project, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our clients. To schedule a consultation and learn more about our services, give us a call today!

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